(TODAY NICARAGUA) Nicaragua is 7th in the list of “10 Exotic Places You Can Visit on $10 a Day or Less” according to the

The site says that when you combine all of the expenses that go into travel, like airfare, hotels, food, sightseeing and more, the idea of picking up and exploring different corners of the world can seem too expensive for the budget-conscious adventurer.

“The good news is that some of the the most exotic and unique international locations can sometimes be the most affordable,” says the article’s writer Paul Sisolak.

Off the beaten tourist path, visitors can immerse themselves in new destinations without spending a fortune. Before planning your next global trek, read on to find out how these travelers saved money while vacationing around the world on mere dollars per day.

With respect to Nicaragua, called Costa Rica’s more affordable — but equally exciting — neighbour in Central America – dorm beds can be had for less than US$10, street food is only a couple of bucks, and you can hike, enjoy the beach or learn to surf without going over budget, according to HostelBookers.

While all that sounds like fun, Jeppe Rasmussen’s visit to Nicaragua was for a more pressing reason.

In April, he began an online crowdfunding project called Pinolero GO! to help fund a community sports hub for children living in Pacayita. As for his travel expenses, he said, “Nicaragua is easy to do on US$5 to US$10 a day if you get to know locals and stay with them.”


The other countries on the list are: Cambodia, Laos, Jamaica, China, Fiji, Eastern Europe (not a country, but included on the list), Thailand, Bali, and Vietnam.