(posted Dec. 4, 8:10 p.m.)––A shootout between police and unidentified outlaws left 10 dead and others injured this afternoon in a rural community in northern Jinotega, according to the National Police. 

The bloody incident occurred in the community of Bocas de Ayapal around 1 p.m. when an armed group of men reportedly tried to rob the general supply store “Variedades Axel,” according to the police report. The gang was confronted by a joint patrol of police and soldiers who shot and killed six of the armed assailants. Four policemen––three of whom were volunteers––were also killed in the shootout. One member of the criminal gang, identified as Marlon Guevara, was injured and captured by police. 

Police say the identity of the gang is unknown and currently under investigation. 

Independent media reports say area residents claim the armed gang tried to raid the police station earlier this morning. The police report makes no mention of that claim.

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