Bayardo Arce, presidential adviser during exposure to members of Cetainic. Photo: Henry Padilla
Bayardo Arce, presidential adviser speaking to members of Cetainic. Photo: Henry Padilla

TODAY NICARAGUA – Problems related to lack of infrastructure such as roads, ports and airports could be solved if the bill on public-private partnerships being prepared by the government and the private sector is successful.

The Draft Law on Public Private Partnerships to be presented in the coming days by President Ortega was prepared in conjunction with private sector representatives, explained the president’s economic adviser, Bayardo Arce.

The purpose of this bill is to start solving the problems of lack of infrastructure affecting the country and which is preventing it from achieving greater economic development. “… ‘Much of our future is in infrastructure, we can not develop agribusiness any further, as it is more competitive if we do not grow in terms of infrastructure, this growth has already created enormous pressures, (…) there is pressure on ports, airports and highways ‘ ” Arce said to

The president of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP), Joseph Adam Aguerri, “… explained that the bill is an effort that ‘we have been developing for several months’ and which has involved the Nicaraguan Chamber of Construction, ProNicaragua and the Government. According to Aguerri, the law will allow for investment to be made in the country and for transparent bidding processes to exist. ”