Last year --according the oficiales-- figures banana foreign sales totaled US $ 8.7 million.
Last year – according the oficial figures – banana foreign sales totaled US$8.7 million.

TODAY NICARAGUA – An improvement in international prices and an increase in export volumes are responsible for the 282% increase in revenues from banana exports in 2014.

Banana export revenues at the end of 2014 totaled $8.7 million, i.e. $6.5 million more than reported in 2013. In regard to export volume, the figure rose to 22.9 million kilos compared to 9.7 million kilos in 2013. reports that “… One factor helping to improve revenues for this product was improvement in international prices which went from $0.23 to $0.38 per pound representing a 62.1% increase in prices. ”

“… Up to 2013 Nicaragua produced an average of two million cases of bananas in the year, one of the lowest amounts in Central America. In 2014 the figure was four million cases, this year it is expected to exceed eight million cases. ”