Francisco Antonio García, triciclero de la ciudad de León, evitó que mataran a la boa que ayer sorprendió a los usuarios de una ruta urbana en León. LAPRENSA/EDDY LÓPEZ
Francisco Antonio García (right in pink shirt), grabbed the snake and with the help of some local children held it unitl he was able to handed it over to authorities of the Marena. Photo: LAPRENSA/EDDY LÓPEZ

NICARAGUA NEWS – There have been snakes on a plane, and now there are snakes — a very big one, a boa constrictor of almost two metres (six feet) long.

Passengers on travelling on a bus from San Jerónimo to León had a nasty surprise on Monday when they discovered they were traveling with an unwanted passenger.

The bus made a sudden stop when the reptile was discovered and passengers hailed “the boa hero” — a member of the public — who saw the commotion and tamed the snake by holding its head firmly in his hands for several hours.

Francisco Antonio García, picked it up and handed it and later over to authorities of the Ministerio del Ambiente y los Recursos Naturales (Marena). Garcia said that due to being scared people wanted to kill the snake.

“If you find one of these animals, do not be alarmed,” said hero Garcia, saying that the snakes are harmless unless attacked.

Witnesses say the snake got inside the bus through the roof, sleeping (if snakes sleep) there all night, the movement of the bus waking it up and try to make its way out.