NICARAGUA NEWS – The Catedral Metropolitana de Managua (Managua Cathedral) looked small at the number of people in attendance for Semana Santa services.

Catedral de Managua | Photo  LA PRENSA/ O. Navarrete
Catedral de Managua | Photo LA PRENSA/ O. Navarrete

According to the Church, this year the number of people attending church services, vigils and processions in the capital city, during Semana Santa, was significantly higher than previous years.

“I can say that the Cathedral was always crowded”, said Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes of the attendance during the week.

According to Brenes, many stayed in the city rather than off to the beaches this year, confirming reports from other parishes recording higher than usual attendances.

The earthquakes that rocked country in the past couple of weeks and the red alert issued by the government, is one of the reasons for many staying close to home.

Source: Iglesias llenas, playas vacías, La Prensa