(posted Dec. 12, 9:50 p.m.)- A high-speed shootout between police and a criminal gang in downtown Managua yesterday resulted in one death and two injuries, according to National Police.

Noel Moisés Arroliga, 23, the alleged leader of a gang known as “Los Managua,” was shot in the neck and killed by police during a chase that started near Metrocentro and ended in Plaza de la Biblia, where police shot out the tires of their Hyundai escape car. Two other members of the gang were wounded in the shootout and the driver––wanted for his alleged involvement in previous car heists––was taken into police custody.

National Police Chief Aminta Granera, who was present on the scene of the shootout, said the “Los Managua” gang is wanted for at least 12 other cases of robbery and aggravated assault in the capital. The gang was allegedly attempting another assault which led to the shootout with police.

“This is a very dangerous gang, actually it’s the fusion of two gangs that we have been investigating the whole month of December,” Granera said, according to official media reports.

A second, apparently unrelated shootout occurred a few hours later between police and another gang known as “Los Canda” in the Managua neighborhood of Jardines de Veracruz, according to a report in La Prensa. The second shootout resulted in the death of one alleged criminal and two arrests, according to La Prensa.


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