NICARAGUA NEWS – Wilfried Strauch, of the Instituto Nicaragüense de Estudios Territoriales (Ineter), working together with national and foreign researchers related to the seismig activity in Nicaragua this month, warns that the five faults that caused the earthquakes “are dangerous”, because they can generate other quakes,

According to Strauch, “the faults are well known, and have been warned against in the past”.

Between April 10 and 21, some 535 tremors have been recorded.

Despite the warning, Strauch is positive about the Xolotlán faults, since “people do not live in the lake. If a quake occurs in the lake, it is not as dangerous as near built areas, such as in 1972, a quake that hit directly in the middle of Managua”.

According to the latest report by the Defensa Civil Monday, during this month’s quakes, a total of 231 homes have collapsed and 2.408 were damaged.

Defensa Civil said it has distributed some 11.500 sleeping mats, 1.250 blankets, 500 hygienke kits and 300 food packages.

Source: La Prensa