NICARAGUA NEWS – The project for the construction of an inter-oceanic canal in Nicaragua moves forward today with more impetus after local entrepreneurs stress the importance of the work and express their will to contribute to it. During a meeting with representatives of Chinese company HKND, dealer of the project, business people recognized there are basic conditions to begin undertaking the inter-oceanic route.

The objective of the meeting is to provide a detailed report about the mega-project, after the route of the canal was announced this week. It will have a length of around 278 kilometers, 105 of which will be in the Nicaragua lake.

According to authorities, the route will pass through the mouth of Brito River, in the southern department of Rivas, some 100 kilometers of this capital, cross the lake, and pass near Tule River until the mouth of Punta Gorda River.

Belgian company SBE, specialized in design and construction of locks and water canals, and MEC Mining, specialized in mining projects open-pit, are among the international companies invited by HKND to participate in the project, media stated.