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NICARAGUA NEWS – The government of Nicaragua decreed today a health alert in the country to prevent the Chikungunya virus from entering its territory.

Minister of Health Sonia Castro, explained the alert is aimed at protecting human life by guaranteeing the necessary material and organizational conditions to contain and mitigate the illness’ consequences.

All the national authorities were instructed to take the pertinent measures to prevent the introduction of the Chikungunya and control any epidemic outbreak, he reported.

He also called all Nicaraguans to carry out the preventive measures necessary to protect persons, families and communities.

Based on the health alert, medical authorities will be ready to prevent and attend the population in case that persons affected by the virus are reported.

Last June 25, the Coordinator of the Citizens and Communication Council, Rosario Murillo, announced that no cases had been reported yet in the national territory but described the situation as critical for the outbreaks affecting neighbouring countries.

We have to be ready, said Murillo, because it will surely arrive and we will fight it with all means possible.

The director of Epidemiology of the Health Ministry, Carlos Sáenz, recently explained that considering the threat posed by the virus, surveillance measures were strengthened in ports, airports and terrestrial borders.

Health centers in all departments of the country constantly monitor the situation and the Ministry of Health instructed specialists so they form personnel in their hospitals and health centers to make a prompt detection of the virus, among other actions.

At the beginning of June, the Pan American Health Organization alerted on the outbreak of this virus in the continent, of which over 165 thousand cases have been detected in most of the Central American and Caribbean nations.