honduras-recuentoThe vote count in Honduras continues today, despite the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) granting the win yesterday to Juan Orlando Hernandez, candidate of the ruling National Party. TSE president David Matamoros said in radio and television interview that Hernandez had won 75 percent of the vote, with 894,164 ballots.

The presidential candidate of the Libertad and Refundacion (FREE) party, Xiomara Castro, wife of ousted former president Manuel Zelaya, was judged second with 736,327 votes.

According to Matamoros, the Anti-Corruption Party (PAC) candidate, Salvador Nasralla, came in third, with 507,300 votes, followed by Mauricio Villeda, of the Liberal Party, with 358,070 votes.

Matamoros’ report said that retired Gen. Romeo Vasquez, of the Patriotic Alliance, scored 5,139 votes, and Orle Solis, of the Christian Democrats party, had 4,333 votes.

Meanwhile, Jorge Aguilar, of the Innovation and Unity Party, had 4,000 votes, and Andres Pavon, of the Democratic Unification and Political Resistance Broad Front Alliance, counted 2,712 votes.

The electoral results announced by Matamoros were not recognized by former President Manuel Zelaya, coordinator of the FREE party and spouse of presidential candidate Castro.