Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy’s concert at The Garden Cafe on Dec. 28 will definitely take our Garden Concert concert series to a whole new level. The famed Nicaraguan musician will perform along with his group “Tierra Fertil.” 

Luis Enrique, 68, is one of the most prominent Nicaraguans singer/songwriters of all time. Born in Somoto, Madriz, in 1945, Luis Enrique is the third son of a family of folk musicians and brother of fellow singer/songwriter Carlos Mejía Godoy. 

Luis Enrique’s musical career spans 40 years, during which time he has recorded 22 solo albums and performed around the world. With his brother Carlos, Luis Enrique composed and recorded numerous memorable songs, such as Guitar Navy (1979), the Cantata al General Sandino (1981) and the Canto Epico al FSLN (1983), including other songs dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS and the presidential elections in Nicaragua. 

He has composed music for film and TV documentaries and even appeared as an actor in the 1989 in the film Sandino, by Chilean director Miguel Littin. 

Luis Enrique founded the New Song Movement Costarricense in the 1970s. After the triumph of the revolution in Nicaragua, Luis Enrique returned home in 1979 and worked for nearly nine years in the music department of the Sandinistas’ Ministry of Culture, where he founded the company ENIGRAC records. He worked as the company’s director while touring the world with his group Mancotal until 1988, before relaunching his solo career in 1989 and touring with Salvadoran group The Tepehuani Band. 

In 1980s, Luis Enrique was a member of the Association of Sandinista Cultural Workers and used his musical talents to support the National Literacy Campaign and compulsory military service. 

In 1998, Luis Enrique and his brothers founded La Casa de los Mejía Godoy, a popular café and concert venue that promotes young Nicaraguan artists and musicians. 

Luis Enrique has shared the stage with prominent national and international musicians and is a regular performer at Granada’s annual International Poetry Festival. 

Seating will be limited at this concert, so please call now to reserve your table 2552-8582. For more information, visit event Facebook page here.

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