Bus owners threatened with suspension of concessions if they carry passengers to Managua to attend protest march Wednesday

Bus operators outside the MTI offices waiting for permits. LAPRENSA/J.DUARTE
Bus operators outside the MTI offices waiting for permits. LAPRENSA/J.DUARTE

TODAY NICARAGUA – The Ministerio de Transporte e Infraestructura (MTI) – Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, has denied permits to bus operators to carry citizens to protest march against the Gran Canal, to be held in Managua Wednesday.

Medardo Mairean, coordinator of the Comité en Defensa de la Tierra (Committee in Defense of the Earth) said they have over 30 buses, but the MTI denied them permits this Tuesday afternoon, threatening owners of the buses with a suspension of their concession.

Juan Carlos Bravo, Juigalpa local coordinator of the Committee in Defense of the Earth of said “we are being denied the right, they are killing us little by little, we will not give up.”  The coordinator said the plan still stands to leave Juigalpa for Managua at 2:00am.

Catholic priest Mariano Martinez of the Nuva Guinea Parrish, was present at the MTI offices, telling the officials, “we’re in a democratic country and everyone has the right to express their feelings and is for that reason they want to travel to Managua, challenging the order of Daniel Ortega that is denying the protestors their rights.”

Roosevelt Báez López coordinator of the Juventud Liberal Independiente (Liberal Independent Youth) said to have some 300 youths ready to travel to Managua, to support the protest march against the canal the sale of lands to the Chinese.

Source: La Prensa