TODAY NICARAGUA – Nicaragua remains attentive to two strong explosions occurred Sunday in the volcano Momotombo, located in the western Department of León. The explosions were perceived by residents of that territory and Managua.

Photo from INETER Monday morning
Photo from INETER Monday morning

The Coordinator of the Nicaraguan Council for Communication and Citizenship, Rosario Murillo, said in a special intervention through press media that both explosions were accompanied by the spewing of gases, ash and incandescent material.


The first explusion was at 11:37am, the second at 12:38, material and ash reachin  500 to 1000 metres above the crater.

Commenting that the authorities and doctors are deployed to assist communities affected by the fall of ash and sand, Murillo called the population to be calm, and to maintain themselves informed, though the media.

Murillo said that the disaster prevention system is activated in the Department of León.

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As she explained, since the beginning of the activity of the volcano on December 1st – after 110 years of relative calm – 70 eruptions have been registered.

Nicaragua is located in what it is known as the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area of more than 40,000 kilometers (24,854.8 miles), which concentrates most of the active volcanoes in the world and where the telluric events with more frequency and magnitude, tend to happen.

Photos from the government official online news, el19digital.com.

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