The Mexican franchise Taco Inn has started operating its first fast food restaurant in Managua, and plans to open five more next year.

The franchise of Mexican origin Taco Holding already operates several fast food restaurants in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

The general manager of the restaurant, Charbell Carrillo, explained to that “… ‘ The goal is to open five more restaurants in Nicaragua in the remainder of 2017 and 2018, generating 80 jobs.

“Taco Inn will offer an authentic Mexican menu, the most emblematic dish is the tacos al pastor, among other highlights such as grilled meat, and tacos such as ‘huaraches’ ‘gringas’ and ‘tortas al pastor´”.

“… Taco Inn belongs to the FH Group of Nicaraguan capital, which has developed investments for more than 25 years in the country, contributing to the economy with the generation of direct jobs for more than 1, 000 people in a conglomerate of companies.”