The Selina hotels chain has opened a new hotel in Granada, which follows the one that is already operating in Maderas beach, and plans are underfoot to open another store in San Juan del Sur.

Hotel investment in Nicaragua helps house tourists

The growth seen in tourism activities in Nicaragua over the last few years has caught the interest not only of entrepreneurs and hotel brands in the region, but also of other international chains, who foresee opportunities in Nicaragua in the medium and long term.

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The Selina chain acquired the Alhambra hotel in Granada and invested in its remodeling. The establishment now bears the name Selina Alhambra. Gabriel Holt, regional manager of Selina, explained to that “… they decided to invest in Nicaragua because ‘it is a country that has grown and is growing a lot in tourism’. “Nicaragua has a much larger potential than what is currently being exploited, and it is a beautiful country that tourists love. Granada specifically, because it is the oldest colonial city in America and a key place for the country’s tourism.”

“… Selina’s total investment for Nicaragua is US $10 million, creating 200 direct and 300 indirect jobs through tour operators and allies. Selina works as an intermediary with local tour operators. In Granada, the best-selling tour is kayaking on the Isletas, but tourists also have the option of visiting destinations such as León, Masaya, the Mombacho volcano or San Juan del Sur.”