(Today Nicaragua) The number of convenience stores in the country is growing in response to increased purchasing power and a gradual change in consumption patterns.

The number of supermarkets operating in the country increased from 130 in 2012 to 155 this year, says Laprensa.com.ni.

As purchasing power increases and consumers get more “sophisticated” so is there a growth in Nicaraguans shopping in these types of establishments rather than the traditional “grocery stores”.

Laprensa.com.ni reports that “…Formal employment is a factor when deciding where to buy …. Those with a fixed salary and who are in the formal labor market are the people turning to self-service establishments, while those in the non-formal continue to shop in traditional centers or grocery stores. ”

“… Despite this growth, in Nicaragua, 66 percent of sales are still made in grocery stores and in convenience stores (including supermarkets) the figure is 32 percent, unlike countries such as Costa Rica, where 82 percent sales are self-service.”