First Lady Rosario Murillo this week announced another herky-jerky shakeup in the Sandinista government following the alleged resignations of two high-ranking officials who were replaced without explanation.

Central Bank president José Alberto Guevara and vice-minister of education José Treminio were both ousted last Friday, according to Murillo, who did not elaborate on why either man was sacked.

Guevara, who was appointed president of the Central Bank two years ago after the equally mysterious removal of former banking chief Antenor Rosales, got booted without explanation. Both Guevara and Rosales were removed from office by a dubious presidential decree, despite a law that gives the Central Bank autonomy and supposedly protects the central bank from the whims of the president (or the first lady, as the case may be).

Murillo announced that Guevara has been replaced by the Central Bank’s second-in-command, Ovidio Reyes.

“The president has decided to transfer Compañero Alberto Guevara to other missions, other responsibilities; he’ll be delegating that later,” Murillo said.

Treminio’s exit was even less ceremonious. Treminio, a close confident of Murillo, essentially ran the ministry of education for Education Minister Miriam Raudez, an anonymous empty suit who makes fewer public appearances than the chupacabras.

Despite the once-chummy relationship between Murillo and Treminio, the first lady couldn’t think of anything nice to say about him after seven years of service.

“In the coming days, someone will be named to coordinate the vice ministry of education in substitution of compañero José Treminio, who will do other activities,” Murillo said.


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