Dear Gentle Reader,

Once again, you’ve answered the call. More than 90 of our faithful readers have already given generously to our successful kickstarter campaign, which ends on Christmas Day.

Thanks to all your support, The Nicaragua Dispatch will be back bigger and better in 2014 as the region’s first crowdsource news site. Any additional money we raise over the next three days will allow us to do even more with the redesign of the website. We can add new features to the site to make it more even better than initially envisaged.

As an additional year-end incentive for NGOs who want to support our campaign, we are offering the following deal:

1. Donate $50 and get your NGO’s name and website listed on our Sponsor’s page for 2014.

2. Donate $100 and get a 150×150 pixel banner on the sponsor page to advertise your NGO for all of 2014.

3. Special offer: Donate $550 and get a 450×200 rotating banner on the ND homepage for 6 months.

Thanks to everyone who has given so far. The ND community has come together to rescue the site, which makes me very optimistic about the future of this project.

Click here to support our Kickstarter campaign before Christmas.

Have a safe and happy holidays! See you around the bend,



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