Rosario Murillo

TODAY NICARAGUA – The Nicaraguan government said on Wednesday that it will abide by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague decision.

The Court ruling puts an end the five year border disputes with Costa Rica over the Isla Portillos (known as Isla Calero in Costa Rica).

In a statement on, the government said  “this concludes a page in the history of encounters and disagreements between the governments of Nicaragua and Costa Rica.”

First Lady and coordinator of the Communication and Citizenship Council, Rosario Murillo, said that the Nicaraguan government finds in this ruling the sense of balance that has always characterized the decisions of the International Court.

“It is of great importance for Nicaragua and the Nicaraguan people” that the ICJ recognized  Nicaragua’s full right to carry out dredging activities in the San Juan river.

“Another important point included in the ruling is (Nicaragua’s) right to regulate … navigation on the San Juan River,” said Murillo, adding that now the two nations should resolve to “reestablish the mechanisms of dialogue and coexistence that allow us to ensure respect, tranquility and peace.”

Meanwhile, Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis on Wednesday expressed his satisfaction with the “forcefulness” of the ICJ ruling finding that Nicaragua violated Costa Rican sovereignty.

“The resolution of the court fully satisfies (Costa Rica’s) national assessment that its territory was invaded by Nicaragua in an open act of illegality,” said Solis at a press conference.

The president said that “the majority of the propositions of Costa Rica were accepted unanimously and completely.”