TODAY NICARAGUA – Citing the aspiration of the Nicaraguan government to establish a national airline, the Russian corporation Aviones Civiles de Sukhoi has presented its proposal.

According to citations made by RT to the news agency RIA Novosti, “… negotiations are taking place for the operation of five SSJ-100 that will make up the initial stage of future airline in Nicaragua.”

An article in reports that Yevgeny Andráchnikov, vice president of the Russian company, said “… The Government of Nicaragua is planning to create an airline. We have submitted a number of proposals. Nicaragua is a historic partner of Russia in Central America. It is in a good geographical location. ”

The news agency RIA Novosti adding “… The SSJ-100 is a regional airliner flights began in 2008 and three years later began performing commercial flights, and has a capacity for 100 passengers. ”