Nota Web Construir_Ampliarán pista de aeropuerto internacional_NI(TODAY NICARAGUA) The management company of the international airport in Managua has announced that it will allocate between $6 million and $10 million for expansion of the runway.

Empresa Administradora de Aeropuertos Internacionales de Nicaragua (EAAI) reported that it is currently in the design phase, with construction works to start in December. It is anticipated that the extension means extending the runway at least 900 more meters, allowing large aircraft to land.

Elmer Orlando Guillen, manager of Airport Services, told that “… to execute this project between $6 million and US $10 million will be spent.”

“… “We are repairing approach lights, among other major projects that will allow the Airport to remain at the level that is operationally speaking,” added Guillen, an airport official.