TODAY NICARAGUA – The state run power company is studying the feasibility of building a 150 MW hydroelectric project called Copalar Bajo with an Italian company and another 90 MW hydroelectric station called El Carmen.

With the aim of generating 563 MW of renewable energy by 2020, the Nicaraguan Electricity Company (Enel) has announced that it is carrying out feasibility studies to contribute to this projection about 240 MW of hydropower from the projects Copalar Bajo and El Carmen.

Laprensa.com.ni reports that the projected 563 MW “… will come from Tumarín contributing 253 MW, slated to begin in February, Boboqué with 70 MW, which will be built after Tumarín plus 150 MW from Copalar Bajo and 90 from El Carmen, which have not yet materialized. ”

“… Currently, hydropower accounts for 9.66% of the energy generated in Nicaragua. It is hoped that in 2020 86% of the energy generated will come from renewable sources, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Energy and Mines. ”

Source: laprensa.com.ni