nicaragua-bonosolidario1More than 165,515 state workers across Nicaragua will receive the Christian, Socialist and Solidarity bonus the Sandinista government grants each month to low-paid public servants.

According to Rosario Murillo, Coordinator of the Communication and Citizenship Council, the families of those workers in this country will receive that bonus as of today, supplementing their wages from the Christian, socialist and solidarity consciousness that is characteristic of this government.

This contribution from the Executive branch, headed by Daniel Ortega, began to be paid monthly in 2010 and in April 2011, it increased from 530 to 700 cordobas, that is, from $24 U.S. dollars (USD) to $31 USD. In early May of this last year, the figure rose again to 750 cordobas, representing almost more than $33 USD, a figure which has remained stable until now.