(TODAY NICARAGUA) The massive migration of Latin Americans and Africans seeking to reach the United States continues to generate conflict in the Central American countries since late 2015 when Nicaragua closed its borders to them, with a security police called “Border Wall”.

The migrants, mostly Africans and Haitians masking themselves as Africans, have been pouring into Colombia, Panama and almost 3,000 are not stuck in Costa Rica, that country forced to offer them medical and humanitarian aid while a solution is sought.

Costa Rica offers the migrants a 25 day travel visa through its territory, many making their way into Nicaragua (and moving north) despite the border controls.

Earlier this month 10 migrants were found drowned in Lake Nicaragua.

emigrantes cubanos en peÒas blancas

Early last week government has said it is considering a change in policy, however, on Friday, August 12, President Daniel Ortega announced the country would keep the immigration policy of an immigration block to prevent organized crime, drug trafficking and human trafficking.

Meanwhile the US ambassador in Nicaragua, Laura Dogu said that the country was a right guard its borders.

“Each country controls its borders and as we are doing that in the United States, and Nicaragua has that right as well and we are supporting Nicaragua in that regard. That is a political decision and not a decision of the Embassy here in Nicaragua, Nicaragua has the right to guard its borders, ” said Dogu.

Source La Prensa.