Nicaragua_bananas_women_0(TODAY NICARAGUA) Economic activity continues to grow at an average annual rate of 4%, driven by the performance of sectors of Trade, Construction and Transportation and Communications

From the report “State of the Economy Outlook” for I quarter 2015 by the Central Bank of Nicaragua:

At the end of the first quarter of 2015, the country’s macroeconomic performance continues to consolidate the results achieved in 2014. The economy continues to have an annual growth trend of 4.0 percent, inflation dynamics continues to slow, public finances remain balanced, international reserves continue to strengthen and the financial system remains healthy. This in a context where the export sector has a lower trend in international prices and mixed results in terms of volume.

Tthe Monthly Economic Activity Index (IMAE) registered an average annual growth of 3.8 percent in March 2015, based on the activities of Trade, Construction and Transport and Communications. With this result, Nicaragua is leading Central America in terms of economic growth. However, other IMAE activities such as agriculture and industry reflected a slower pace of growth. We note that these two activities in the first months of 2014 experienced a high yield in light of better climatic conditions in 2013 and increased external demand for clothing, which statistically has influenced lower growth rates in 2015.