Nicaragua Expands Fertilizer Production

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Q24N – With the enlargement, the storage capacity in the plant making nutrition products for crops which Disagro operates in Corinto will increase from 35,000 to 55,000 metric tons.

US$4 million was invested in the expansion of the plant making nutrition products for crops.

“… ‘This is an investment that generates confidence in Nicaraguan agriculture, because agricultural production areas in the Pacific and the Caribbean are growing in size and productivity’, said Baltodano, who points out that producers will need to carry out soil analysis in order to make their crops efficient.” reports that “…The group of Guatemalan investors, merged with the Servicio Agrícola Gurdián, a local company dedicated to the marketing of agricultural raw materials, which opened its doors to the West in 1958 and has experience and expertise in the Nicaraguan agricultural sector.”



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