TODAY NICARAGUA (Prensa Latina) — The plenary session of the Permanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean (COPPPAL) opens today in Nicaragua with the participation of organizations from more than 15 countries.

During the meeting, to be held until Monday, attendees will address issues such as climate change, migrant children and colonialism.

According to the Secretary of International Relations of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, Jacinto Suarez, participants will also make a presentation on the project to build an inter-oceanic canal in this Central American nation.

Nicaragua will provide important documents to regional politicians to give them more information on the social and economic impact of this mega-project, he added.

The canal length, which route was announced in July by the Chinese company HKND, licensee of the work, will be approximately 278 kilometers, of which a section of 105 will be in the Lake Cocibolca.

In addition to the waterway, there will be also works on other projects as an airport, several roads, a free trade zone, resorts and two ports, one on the Pacific and one in the Atlantic.

The project will generate welfare for Latin America and the Caribbean, considered the leader of the Puerto Rican Independence Movement Ruben Berrios, who attends the meeting in this capital.

He also expressed solidarity with the people and government of Nicaragua and described President Daniel Ortega as a strong defender of regional independence.