NICARAGUA NEWS — The Nicaraguan government decree yellow alert today after the formation of the Tropical Storm Hanna in the Caribbean coasts of this country.

The System for Civil Protection, Prevention and Mitigation of Disasters reported this alert was issued for the area of the Pacific, the Atlantic autonomous regions, the departments of Matagalpa and Jinotega and the region known as the Mining Triangle.

According to Marcio Baca, director of meteorology at the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies, the tropical storm was located at 07:00 at about 115 km northeast of the city of Bilwi, in the municipality of Puerto Cabezas, belonging to the North Atlantic Autonomous Region, informed the website El 19 Digital.

Baca noted it is expected the storm touch land this evening, after which it must weaken, although he warned on the heavy rain accompanying the storm.