TODAY NICARAGUA – The new plant belonging to the Mexican dairy company Lala has capacity to process 300,000 liters of milk per day and will change the Central American dairy market.

Javier Chamorro, Executive Director of the investment promotion agency, told Confidencial.com.ni that “… That means that the production that Lala uses to enter the entire into the Central American market will come from Nicaragua. We will have an economic effect beyond what is generated when a company merely comes to sell to the local market, because they’re going to buy milk to supply the local market, but also it will be sold in Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador and this how the impact for our producers will be much higher. ”

The president of Superior Council of Private Enterprise, Jose Adan Aguerri, added “… This will be a huge challenge for companies that will compete for that product. From the private sector, we have advocated that this supply does not come from the same suppliers, but that they look to see how to help formalize this sector; so that this allows the addition of new players to the system and expansion of the market. ”

The new plant is it built on six acres of land, required an investment of $50 million and is located at kilometer 35 of the Pan American highway north. With the ability to process 300 thousand liters, Lala is also aiming to supply markets in Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Source: confidencial.com.ni