TODAY NICARAGUA (Prensa Latina) Several explosions were registered on Tuesday in the Momotombo volcano, located in the western province of Leon. The volcano also spewed ash, gases and incandescent matter, said researchers of the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies.

According to volcanologist Armando Saballos, this Thursday’s explosions are within the normal parameters.

He said that four days went by without any activity, but the volcanic earthquakes increased in the last 24 hours, which -he clarified- is part of the process of eruption that began on last December 1st, after 110 years of relative calm.

Some explosions produce an audible signal that nearby villagers hear as rumblings. That is something completely normal in the volcano, said the expert, noting that the population should not be alarmed.

Momotombo is a stratovolcano in Nicaragua, not far from the city of León. It stands on the shores of Lago de Managua. An eruption of the volcano in 1610 forced inhabitants of the Spanish city of León to relocate about 45 kilometres west.

Nicaragua is situated in the so-called Ring of Fire, an area of over 40 thousand kilometres concentrating most of the active volcanoes on the planet, and where the telluric events happen more often and with more intensity.