TODAY NICARAGUA – Coffee growers suggest eliminating restrictions that exist for growing robusta in order to allow planting in protected areas and other areas.

In Nicaragua it is prohibited to cultivate robusta coffee beans in areas not considered within the territorial boundaries established by the legislation, and it is precisely this restriction that the National Commission for Transformation and Development of Coffee (Conatradec) wants to change.

“… According to the Ministerial Agreement 012-2013, published in La Gaceta on September 19, 2013, only in some areas in El Coral and El Almendro, in the Autonomous Region of the Southern Caribbean (RACS) and the Autonomous Region of the Northern Caribbean (RACN ) is planting and marketing of robusta permitted. The agreement also prohibits planting and selling robusta coffee in protected areas, such as Bosawás, Cola Blanca, Cerro Bolivia, Cerro Banacruz, Wawashang and the Indio Maiz river, among others, and the RACN has also excluded Waslala. ”

Elnuevodiario.com.ni reports that “… Although there has been controversy in the country over planting of this grain, producers who engage in the activity in the area defined by the Government, are discussing its advantages. The variety of robusta coffee is resistant to the rust plague that has significantly affected Arabica coffee in Central America. ”

Source: elnuevodiario.com.ni