TODAY NICARAGUA – The state port company has announced it will begin construction of the fourth stage of Puerto Salvador Allende with a $36 million investment.

From a statement issued by the National Port Company of Nicaragua (Empresa Portuaria Nacional):

The Executive President of Empresa Portuaria Nacional Virgilio Silva, presented to domestic and foreign businessmen details of the progress of the fourth stage of Puerto Salvador Allende.

This stage includes construction of 13 restaurants measuring 524 square meters on two floors and 331 square meters of a plant. It will also house cinemas, casinos, a shopping center and a bowling area. The estimated investment according Elnuevodiario.com.ni will be $36 million.

Investors toured the construction areas along with representatives of the EPN, where they saw details of the work done so far. This tourism resort in Managua currently receives more than 250,000 people a month, and with this new project the figure is expected to increase to half a million, doubling the attendance of the population.

Source: El Nuevo Diario, La Prensa