TODAY NICARAGUA – In 2014 production in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors increased by 28%, but due to low international prices export earnings declined by 8% compared to 2013.

Fisheries and aquaculture production in 2014, equivalent to 96.7 million pounds exceeded projections made by sector earlier this year and recorded a 28% increase over the previous year. However, according to the Center for Exports (CETREX), it sold $19 million worth less than in 2013.

“… CETREX’s data indicates that in 2014, revenues from exports of farmed shrimp totaled $106.9 million compared to the $150.3 million generated in 2013. International prices for this product declined by 2.9%, going from $6.13 to $5.95 per kilogram and the export volume was also lower at 29%. ” Also “… In 2014 the production of farmed shrimp was 62.7 million pounds, up 23% from 2013. ”

Elnuevodiario.com.ni reports that “… According to the government report, fish production in 2014 totaled 17.9 million pounds, 27% higher than the amount in 2013. Likewise, exports of fish increased by 29.3% going from $26.2 to $33.9 million. ”

Source: elnuevodiario.com.ni