NICARAGUA NEWS — In the view of entrepreneurs it is not enough to change the energy mix towards the renewable sources and they are proposing a strategy be defined for the country in order to compete in the region.

nicaragua-wind-power-2008-12-25-10-3-15-e1339408978773A proposal to create a long-term policy between business and government “…” where the private sector makes a commitment to invest in renewable energy and this energy somehow, goes to those great industries that generate employment in the country, such as the free zone ‘, said César Zamora, country manager of the energy company IC Power .

Reducing energy costs will allow the country to improve its position in the region and attract more foreign investment, not just because it has cheaper labor than in other Central American countries, but by offering better production conditions with access to cheap energy.

The president of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise, Cosep, Jose Adan Aguerri told that “… ‘The changing the matrix is ​​very positive, but we need cheap energy …Guatemala at the moment is moving towards the generation of coal, trying to find a way to make energy at between $0.10 and US $0.15 (cheaper), which obviously would put us in a situation of non-competitiveness’. ”