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NICARAGUA NEWS – The value of exports of Nicaraguan goods increased 6.6% in the first half of the year, compared to the same period of 2013, the newspaper Nuevo Diario revealed today. According to Nuevo Diario, which quoted the Center for Export Procedures (CENTREX) as a source, the country received nearly US$1.4 billion dollars up to June 29, and experienced a 11.5% increase in its sales abroad.

As a whole, 1 billion metric tons were recorded in the first six months of this year, compared to 968 million metric tons in the same period of the previous year, the newspaper said.

CENTREX said this was related to the increase of international prices of beans, bovine meat and shellfish, although products as coffee, cane sugar and gold underwent a price decrease.

CENTREX Executive Director Jorge Molina explained that the income for exports depend in a great extent on the good prices at international markets, and coffee recovered its value, contrary to the price of gold, which has decreased in value.

Molina considered that if this upward trend continues, it is possible that the income reached in 2013 is exceed by the end of the current year.