From August 2012 until today Navy Forces of Nicaragua have seized more than 3,000 kilograms of cocaine and captured 17 traffickers. According to a report by the head of the institution, rear-admiral Marvin Corrales, members of the Navy of this country also seized over 22 kilograms of marijuana, 38, 013 dollars and 98 boats engaged in drug smuggling in the period.

During that stage, were captured and detained 57 vessels of different nationalities with 215 crew on illegal fishing activities and 8,932 pieces of wood of different species, said the official, in the act for the 33 anniversary of the constitution of that force.

He recognized the troops that since November 25, 2012, “have successfully carried out the General Peace and Sovereignty Mission Augusto C. Sandino, in compliance with the main purpose to exercise sovereignty at territorial sea and airspace, returned to Nicaragua by the International Court of Justice. ”

“Let us continue serving our people, ever vigilant and alert to safeguard the interests of the nation and the highest values in the defense of freedom, independence and sovereignty of our people,” Corrales urged the troops.