NICARAGUA NEWS – Nicaraguan Police presented Thursday the alleged responsible for the attack on July 19 against bus caravans returning from celebrations for the 35th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution.

According to Police Chief Aminta Granera, the investigations found that nine people, including four shooters (one of them currently at large) were involved in planning and perpetrating the attack, resulting in five people killed and another 24 wounded.

During the presentation of the evidence, Granera explained carefully to journalists the different meetings held to plan the attack, the places where those meetings were held and the people involved.

The attack was perpetrated by two groups at night in different places of the Matagalpa department, some 140 km from the capital.

Granera also showed numerous evidence, including footing of the reconstruction of events, weapons and ammunition used, results of the ballistics tests and the recorded confesions of some of the involved in the massacre, among others.

Conspiracy, organized crime, murder, serious wounds, carrying and using firearms and damages to properties were among the crimes attributed to the detainees.