BANDKCAETODAY NICARAGUA – In 2015 more than $1.2 billion in securities were traded on the stock exchange, a 21% increase compared to 2014, driven by trade in government securities.

Short-term operations, particularly negotiations on the repo market, which led movements in the Nicaraguan Stock Exchange, increased by 37% compared to transactions of these instruments in 2014.

Gerardo Arguello, general manager of the Stock Exchange of Nicaragua, told that the volume negotiated in short-term operations provided the market with more liquidity. “… ‘The exchange must be developed in every way, that is, short-term operations and long-term operations, both are important. This year saw a major development in the operations of short-term liquidity, to the extent that in order to make progress in long term instruments a more liquid market is needed so that the people who invest in this market can have liquidity at any moment. ‘”

“… The volume traded in the private sector in 2015 was $60.95 million, down 43.24 percent from the $107.39 million traded in 2014. In contrast, the public sector grew by 28.93%. The total turnover of the public sector in 2015 was $1145.95, $257.14 million more than in 2014, when only $888,810,000 was traded. ”