(Prensa Latina) The National Workers Front (FNT) reaffirmed its support for a candidacy of the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, for the November elections.

During a meeting last night on the occasion of the International Workers’ Day next Sunday, the secretary general of the union, Gustavo Porras, reiterated the support of these movements to the president, whom he described as a historic and prophetic candidate of workforces.

Porras highlighted the importance given by the Government to the working class as a fundamental issue when fighting poverty, and recalled that during that period were created many institutions that serve and support specific programs to self-employed workers and small farmers.

“Let’s go all together under the control and direction of our Comandante Daniel and colleague Rosario Murillo, coordinator of the Council of Communication and Citizenship, all of us together doing Revolution, there’s is no doubt, this is a real revolution”, he said.

After the victory of the Sandinista Revolution in July 1979, Ortega joined the Junta of National Reconstruction as its coordinator.

Later, in the 1984 elections, he was elected President, and during his government he faced the task of rebuilding the country, and fought against a civil war organized and funded by the United States.

Given the impact of war and the US blockade, the Sandinista National Liberation lost in the 1990 elections against a coalition that brought together all the opposition political forces.

In 2006, Ortega was elected president at the ballot box, and then re-elected in 2011.