Secretary General of the National Workers Front, Gustavo Porras, expressed satisfaction today with the adjustment of the minimum wage announced on Monday 17 by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Labour. The adjustment includes an increase of 10.77 percent for agriculture, 9.8 for micro and small industry and 10.27 for all other areas.

“It came to a decision within the law and I must totally agree, it satisfies workers generally,” Porras told Channel 4 television.

He recalled that the law provides that in the absence of an agreement between Government, private sector and workers, the Government, through the Ministry of Labor, must determine the adjustment, which in effect, it did.

Minimum wage negotiations concluded on March 13 without agreement, after attempts to reach a tripartite agreement and consensus.

During the last session, the Superior Council of Private Enterprise proposed a wage increase of 9.5 percent for the field sector and 9.0 for others, which was not accepted by the unions, who maintained their proposal of 14 percent.

“Although our aspirations were larger, we respect the law and we agree with the adjustment,” emphasized Porras, who warned that the business sector, that has questioned the decision, has no right to violate the terms.

Porras also stressed the wisdom of the government headed by President Daniel Ortega, for understanding how to distribute the load.