NICARAGUA NEWS – One miner was killed and two others were hospitalized after inhaling smoke from a broken water pump inside a mine shaft in northern Nicaragua, state media reported Sunday.

Mine - Nicaragua - 1The dead miner has been identified as Leonel Garcia, 36.

Byron Ochoa, 24, and Ramon Solano, whose age was not reported, were transported to a hospital in Bonanza, a city in the Atlantico Norte Autonomous Region, or RAAN, officials said.

The miners were trying to get water out of the shaft so they could reach gold deposits, but the pump malfunctioned and emitted smoke.

The accident occurred on Saturday afternoon in Haylanberry, an area outside Bonanza, where 29 miners were trapped while working in a closed mine three weeks ago.

A collapse at the El Comal mine on Aug. 28 trapped the miners.

Twenty miners were rescued, two managed to get out of the mine on their own and seven others died when rescue operations had to be suspended due to the unstable soil in the area.