(Feb 26, 4:30 pm) — After crying fraud in the past three national elections, Nicaragua’s embattled Independent Liberal Party (PLI) will go back to the whipping post this Sunday for another round of electoral shenanigans orchestrated by the same de facto Sandinista magistrates accused of rigging votes since 2008.

The enfeebled opposition party, which still clings to some semblance of local relevance in various remote corners of the Atlantic Coast, held its closing electoral rally in the rural community of Apawás, the site of the stalled Tumarín hydroelectric project — one of several mega-project developments that’s years behind schedule in Nicaragua.

The army will be present at Sunday's elections to defend Nicaragua against any unexpected outbreaks of democracy

The army will be present at Sunday’selections to defend Nicaragua againstany unexpected outbreaks of democracy.

The PLI, desperate to hold onto their last outpost of political power, sent its national coordinator Eduardo Montealegre to address supporters and urge their continued support for his dwindling party.

The Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) reports that it has completed the transfer of ballots and other electoral material to the 419 voting stations in the municipalities of the North and South Atlantic Autonomous Regions (RAAN and RAAS, respectively). On March 2, some 300,000 registered voters in the RAAN and RAAS will go to the polls to elect — or try to elect— their next regional authorities.


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