The Coordinator of the Council on Communication and Citizenry, Rosario Murillo, highlighted today the preparation and organization of institutions and citizens of Nicaragua to face the occurrence of earthquakes.

In his regular telephone contact with the television, Murillo thus responded to a 5.2-degree earthquake on Richter scale registered this Friday in the Pacific region of this country.

“We saw a people prepared, that knows the vulnerability of its nation and that has strengthened its capabilities to face them”, said the Coordinator, who also mentioned the quick coordination of different institutions for the earthquake.

We insist that we must be vigilant and present in the training developed from the cabinets of the family and community to know how to react, said Murillo, who at the same time asked to remain calm and maintain normalcy.

The quake, clearly perceived in Managua, took place in the morning and had the epicenter 70 kilometers southwest of Managua, in front of Masachapa coasts, according to the National Seismological Network.

According to authorities, the only damage reported so far are cracks in walls of a school, and a wall in another education center.