The sector is expected to see a growth of 6% in 2015
The sector is expected to see a growth of 6% in 2015

TODAY NICARAGUA – Entrepreneurs in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors are demanding that the government boost production of the species, whose consumption is projected to grow globally.

The government still has not spoken on the topic, but it is expected that industry representatives will meet with officials next week to refine the development plan for 2015, which includes raising tilapia.

“… Javier Sanchez, president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Fisheries (CAPENIC), said he has spoken with the government in order for laws to enable them to produce tilapia, which could attract a lot of investment in this industry. ”

Danilo Rosales, executive director of the Nicaraguan Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture, told that “… Any development proposal must be aligned to government policies. ” “… Despite the fact that for years there have been tilapia farming projects in the country and that there are interesting markets for tilapia, such as Asia, it has always been a contentious issue because of the alleged damage it causes to the environment. ”