putinTODAY NICARAGUA (Prensa Latina) Russian President Vladimir Putin said today in a message to his Nicaraguan counterpart Daniel Ortega, that during 70 years the two countries have gathered a rich experience on bilateral cooperation.

Putin sent a letter to Ortega for the celebration today of 70 years of diplomatic ties between Russia and Nicaragua.

In the letter released by the Foreign Ministry here, Putin said that ties between the two countries had a closer nature, of actual friendship and partnership, after the Sandinista Revolution.

Putin expressed his certainty that based on the results achieved, the two countries will continue enhancing ties for mutual benefits, while coordinating effectively efforts to solve current issues on the international agenda.

“This reflects the deep interests of our people seeking to consolidate stability and regional security”, said Putin.

Meanwhile, Ortega sent a letter to Putin highlighting that after the victory on July 19, 1979 in Nicaragua, this country and the Soviet Union developed closer and deeper ties of revolutionary identification.

“Nicaragua acknowledges the historical contributions of Russia, the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation to culture, science and technology, as well as the inspiring example of the farmers and workers’ revolution, which filled oppressed peoples in the world with hope”, said the letter.

“Today, Russia continues to hold flags of freedom to bring the world to a situation that we all believe possible”, said Ortega.