Women's Empowerment - NicaNational Assembly president Rene Nuñez, said today that Nicaragua currently ranks fifth worldwide in achievements for equality between men and women.

Nuñez, who also holds the pro-tempore presidency of the Forum of Central American and Caribbean Parliament Presidents (FOPREL in Spanish), opened the first regional inter-parliamentary forum on gender equality, which is taking place at the seat of the legislature here.

FOPREL executive secretary Santiago Rivas Leclair presented Nuñez with a draft regional framework for equal rights and opportunities, which will be evaluated in the coming months in regional legislatures.

The president of the Nicaraguan Supreme Court, Alba Luz Ramos, said that her country’s Constitution guarantees protection of the rights and freedoms of men and women, in addition to defending the legal protection of all persons under the principles of equity and non-discrimination.

Luz Ramos recounted major related laws passed in Nicaragua, particularly on violence against women, as well as updates to laws related to children and adolescents that emphasizes prevention and the best interests of children.

Meanwhile, the president of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), Paula Rodriguez, stressed the that agency’s achievements in improving women’s access to decision-making in the countries in this region.

Participants in the forum include Central American legislators, representatives of women’s organizations and civil society in the region, as well as academics and specialists in this field.