NICARAGUA BUSINESS NEWS – A bill aims to grant operating licenses every five years, categorizing companies according to the type of service they provide and to create a National Registry for Private Security Companies.

This bill seeks to regulate the 160 companies that offer the service nationwide and the companies that provide this service without any commercial purpose and to establish, among other things, to ensure the amounts collected from fees by these companies will be used to strengthen the National Police force.

Elnuevodiario.com.ni reports that “… The legislation also creates the National Registry of Private Security, in which natural or legal persons providing private security services will have to be registered. This register will also record the ups and downs of private security personnel, as well as users of private security; violations by service providers; and authorized uniforms, using models and photographic archives. ”

‘… Chapter III discusses the procedures for private security and identifies six types. One is physical surveillance, personal protection – which can be commercial, industrial, residential or home based– or for public events.Then there is the protection of goods -which includes administration–, land, air, water and cross borders transport, and custody of goods. ”

Source: elnuevodiario.com.ni