TODAY NICARAGUA – The mayoral office of Managua has eased requirements in the tender for construction of a baseball stadium estimated at us$35 million, in order to facilitate the participation of local companies.

With the new modifications, the total assets required from companies will not be us$30 million, but us$15 million. In addition, consortia will be able to participate and there will be flexible financing options. As a consequence, the delivery of the designs has also been extended to May 11.

The president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Construction, Rodrigo Pereira told that “… In addition, a deposit will be charged to the contractor in case of a delay in the work. We decided that asking for assets to support the work was unnecessary. According to Law 801, of the municipal administrative contracts, the amount of the bond or performance bond will range between 10% and 20% of the total value of the contract. ”

The general manager of the construction company Lacayo Fiallos, Roberto Lacayo, added “… There are other issues that are being analyzed and discussed in the coming weeks, as it is important that this flagship project is by Nicaraguans, in order to give more prestige to national companies. ”