The government will promote the development of coffee in the South Atlantic Autonomous Region based on the robusta variety.


Bayardo Arce, economic affairs adviser to the President, explained that the promotion of the cultivation of this variety of coffee is a consensus decision and will be included within the National Program for Transformation and Development of Coffee Plantations (PNTDC).

“We have to open up technological development and specifically one of the issues already agreed on in this program of transformation and standardization of coffee plantations is that we will provide for the production of robusta coffee in the caribbean zone of the country,” said Arce.

Since 2006, according to Arce, this variety of coffee has been produced in Nueva Guinea, therefore the expansion of crop areas will allow the exploitation of thousands of acres in the area, stimulating the domestic economy and exports.

Robusta “is resistant to adverse weather conditions and is grown in areas that are less than 700 meters above sea level. Although the price is lower, its performance is between 24 and 63 bushels per acre,” reported